Not sure where to begin with your home?

Have you bought a new home and are struggling to know where to start with the renovations? Or perhaps you've had your home for a while but want to know how to maintain it. In this case, AUEE has your back! I'm Audrey Lee, a new homeowner of 2 years and learning as I go when it comes to renovating and designing my home! So, follow some of my tips and hopefully, your home will be perfect in a short amount of time.

The results



Whether it is interior or exterior designs it is important to set your budget and plan plan plan!


Where to start! Renovating can be a grueling process but hopefully, this blog can help you on your way to recreating your home.



Making sure your home is maintained is an important and time-consuming task. Hopefully, my blog will help you to focus on the most important features of your home to keep an eye on!