10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Our homes are not only where we live, work, raise our families, or entertain guests. They are often an expression of our personal style. Our decor choices reflect our personality and reflect our likes and dislikes. Trends change and our homes evolve, but there are a few design “hot tips” that are going strong in 2022. 

What Is Interior Design?

. Interior design is an art and science that blends design principles, functional space planning, material and color selection, and an understanding of sales and marketing. Interior designers must be able to use their creativity, knowledge of colors, space, building materials, furniture, and furnishings, knowledge of building codes and regulations, and an understanding of lighting and ergonomics.

  • Home Libraries

Home libraries aren’t so far-fetched anymore. Home libraries have been growing in popularity and practicality for over ten years now, and while we may see some changes in 2022, expect to see them stick around. And, since libraries are such popular reading material, expect to see books also stick around. Home libraries make the most sense for those that want a dedicated quiet space to read quietly and in peace.

  • Pattern play

Pattern play may be about to get a lot more interesting in 2022. Pattern play means incorporating classic patterns into current home decor for home dwellers. For renters, it means looking at ways to incorporate colors and patterns into furniture and fabrics. For designers, it means getting creative with pattern.

  • Texture

In 2019, interior designers were all about prints. Geometric patterns and bold color schemes dominated, with designers even going so far as to paint entire walls. Next year, however, textures will be all the rage. Textures will be a key feature of stylish interiors from velvet to concrete for the years to come.

  • Natural elements

Natural elements like stone, wood, and glass are all the rage in interior design this year, and we’re not surprised. These materials, which all resemble earth, embody the harmony and balance that we strive for in our modern lives. The natural element trend isn’t going anywhere, and you can expect to see more of it in the years to come.

  • 1980s décor inspiration

The 1980s are back. Fashion, music, and interior design are all harkening back to this era, and for a good reason. It was a time when the design was bold, bright, and unadorned—a time when you could truly express yourself through living space. Check out how you can bring the 1980s back to your own living room.

  • Biophilic design

Biophilic design refers to a focus on nature, with plants, trees, and other natural elements being incorporated into interior design. It’s the idea of mimicking natural elements to enhance the look and feel of a home.

  • Bold patterns and colors

For 2022, expect bold colors and patterns in interior design. Bold colors, such as orange, pink, and purple, are making a comeback with a vibrant look that pops. Floral patterns are significant, with a subtler look that complements bold colors and patterns. Also in the mix are shades of gray, with neutrals complementing these bold colors.

  • Traditional details

Traditional interior design details are a go-to for many homeowners who want their homes to be timeless, classic, and timeless. You can use traditional features in your home, no matter if it’s new, old, or somewhere in between. Traditional design features aren’t exclusive to older homes, either—instead, they’re popular in new builds as well.

  • 3D art

3D art is making waves in the interior design world, and it’s a big trend for 2022. As home technology and interior design continue to merge, 3D art is sure to make a big splash in the next few years. If you want your home to feel futuristic in 2022, incorporating 3D art is a smart idea.

  • Mindful spaces

Cleaning and organizing your space sounds simple, but incorporating mindful spaces into your design can make it even better. Mindful design allows you to focus on the experience of the space rather than its function. Clutter takes up space, but it also causes stress. Try to focus more on stripping your spaces down to their very bare essentials, like choosing colors and textures that evoke emotion and invoke a sense of calm.

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home feel new again. The interior design world is in the middle of a major change right now, and in 2022, we’re going to see a number of new trends in home design—and not all of them will be an improvement.

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