My Home Journey

When we first bought our home it was not the perfect home. The wallpaper was falling off the walls and the carpets were all stained in frayed. In normal circumstances, we would have averted our eyes and run to another house but we made a decision that despite the dingy qualities we could picture it turning into a home where we could raise a family. So we put down the mortgage and set out on our new adventure!

The first thing we did in our home was to completely take out all of the damaged furnishings, we got the steamer and took off all the old wallpaper, lifted up all the carpets, and completely took out the kitchen cabinets. The house looked completely bare and then we were left thinking what next! So, we brought in the professionals. We started off by plastering every wall in the house and knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. It was starting to look so much cleaner and sharper than when we first saw our home and the excitement was starting to build inside us!

The next step was the carpet and floor fitters. I went with wooden floors for the entire bottom floor of the house by carpets for the bedrooms, just to make them feel really cozy. We also opted for underheating for the wooden floors so that we could be nice and toasty when winter started to roll around. Honestly guys this is the best part of any renovation when you just have the base of the home done and everything looks neat and tidy and ready to put all your new furniture and ornaments into your “showhome”. I mean, there is nothing better knowing you don’t have to worry about plumbing, flooring, painting, even calling in a company like to fit your AC and heating system, because it’s all done! Now it’s just the furnishing, and honestly, I feel as though I am speaking on behalf of everyone when I say… that’s the best part!

I think I will talk about the renovation in more depth in another post so for now, I am just going to leave this with the baseline renovation details. This part of the renovation took us approximately 4 months to complete due to the time we could spend on the house and trying to get a carpenter and plasterer to come for the time we needed them. Trust me 4 months felt like a year and it wasn’t a smooth process we had to get 3 different plasterers in thanks to clashing issues with other clients, the stress was very real and honestly, we lost our way at times, but we always felt motivated to carry on going and create our dream home. So if you are feeling disheartened right now then just carry on it will all be worth it in the end!